About Spinal Joint

spinaljointkingstonSpinal Joint is one of Kingston Upon Thames KT2 leading and longest established (1993) spinal health care clinic, this domaine is the practices “Blog”; our main website providing information on all the services we provide is at www.spinaljoint.com this blog is .co.uk:

Spinal Joint offers comprehensive treatment options such as Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Massage for a variety of conditions related to muscles, bones and nerves. Our aim is to have you return to every day normal activity without pain as soon as possible. Most of these conditions are caused by every day activities, so its not something anybody will “cure” and if they tell you they can they are lying. Our first objective is to have you return to activity ASAP, pain free within two weeks. Then the question is what are your health goals? You may not have any in which case you would return next time you are in pain, alternatively you have health targets you want to achieve and our practitioners help you to achieve them, like a personal trainer monitoring your progress every few months (Maintenance Care).

We specialise in the assessment of spinal complaints with appropriate conservative management without the use of drugs. Rehabilitation and exercise programs are included in our care plans. The service we provide is safe, professional and relies on accepted scientific principles of anatomy, physiology and nutrition to achieve the best possible results. We only employ experienced and fully qualified practitioners and they maintain this high standard with continuous professional development. We have three private treatment rooms, and a large reception area where you can relax and have free WiFi while waiting for your appointment.

Chronic pain is due to poor management of a problem when it was just an ache or stiffness. The NHS’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) issued Guidelines for “The management of persistent non-specific low back pain” and advises GPs to offer spinal manipulation and exercise to their patients, unfortunately old habits die hard, they dont have the time to perform a proper physical exam, so they give pain killers and anti inflammatory medications to reduce symptoms rather than trying to find our what is causing the problem.

Ring us today to hear how we can help; 020 8286 2606 a member of our team will suggest the best treatment option for you. Make an appointment today for a FREE 15-minute consultation before the problem gets worse and chronic. For more information click on the links to our main website in KINGSTON UPON THAMES and THAMES DITTON which are open Mon – Sat .

The practice owner is Richard Lanigan who has a degree in Chiropractic, a Masters in Heath Promotion. He was one of the pioneers of the Fitness revolution in the early 80s and has been been designing rehab programmes for elite athletes and exercise entusiasts since then